"One of the best time-savers ever created"

Don’t waste your valuable time searching multiple textbooks, and Googling to find the correct formula. 

Now you have the key formula needed to run your building efficiently, calculate the return on your project, or explain the financial benefits of your product.

As an E-Book, it can be read on a personal computer, tablet, smartphone. Unlike many e-books for professionals, you can keep a copy on your phone, laptop, and print one for your desk!

Topics include:

  • Time Value of Money 
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Valuation & Mortgage
  • REIT Terms
  • Labor Factors
  • Measurement Conversion Factors

After your purchase, this E-Book will remain on your dashboard here at VirtualCast. You will be able to return to your dashboard, find the book listing, and read this book at any time in the future. 

In addition, you may also wish to download this E-Book to another device, or even print a copy for yourself.  

In that case, when viewing the E-Book in Thinkific, simply hover over the upper right portion of your viewing screen until you see the symbol for downloading (the down arrow) or printing (the printer symbol). 

Make your selection and save the PDF file to read it on any device that accepts PDFs, or print out your personal copy.