In Four One-Hour Modules You Will Gain:

  • The essential financial skills needed to justify your numbers

  • The 'secret handshake' for funding approval

  • The tools and confidence you need to succeed

Finance 101 - Newly Updated!

Finance 101 for AEC Professionals, Facility Directors, and Planning Design & Construction Managers — Non-Profit Organizations

Tired of getting your proposals nickel-and-dimed to death under the guise of Value Engineering? This program will show you how a few basic financial concepts can transform your funding requests from denied to approved! Learn how to position your projects so your clients or management will ask for more of them. NOTE: This course is adapted specifically for the needs of Non-Profit organizations.

Never Be Frustrated by Finance Again - Get the Tools and Confidence You Need to Succeed

Well-honed financial skills are crucial to success in today’s world. Without them, you face a career of never ending frustration. Learn the solid financial skills you need to take command of your projects, increase your career opportunities, and lower your stress level. Investing in Finance 101 will be the best ROI you ever made! See why not spending money is not the same as saving money. Learn how to explain the economic benefits of safety and sustainability.

Essential Financial Skills for Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors

This program teaches you how to justify your numbers. Prove the value of good design, and identify the true cost of poor design decisions. Find out what is important to building owners and operators and how to give it to them. Learn how to do value engineering so it adds real value.

Facility Directors and PDC Managers: Learn the Secret Handshake for Funding Approval

It does not matter if you rent or own your facilities – manage one or 1,000 buildings – you need to watch this program! Justify staff levels by showing where and how you add value to your organization. How to justify maintenance budgets. Discover the secrets to getting budgets approved. Learn how to show the cost of delaying your projects and get your funding now!

Return to Your Office Loaded With These Career Expanding Tools

  • Why good financial decision making is important to the Non-Profit organizations
  • The one minute MBA - 4 golden rules of finance and why you should never break them
  • Why the most commonly used financial metric is the worst one to use
  • Know the “ins and outs” of PV, NPV, ROI and IRR
  • How to use the economic consequences of rejecting your proposal to get its approval
  • Why incentives and rebates are worth more to your organization than its own capital
  • How to resolve the “No money in the budget” problem
  • A workbook and spreadsheets for your use after the program

Your Program Presenter

Alan Whitson

B. Alan Whitson, RPA
President, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute
Chair, Model Green Lease Task Force
Faculty, Practising Law Institute
Association of Medical Facilities Professionals


  • Who Should Watch This Program

    AEC Professionals | Facility Directors | Planning Design & Construction Managers | Non-Profit Organizations

  • Continuing Education Units

    Earn 4 Hours:
    AIA - HSW
    AHA - CHFM, CHC, CHESP Hours
    IFMA - CFM Points
    Engineers - PDH Hours

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