Dr. Charisse Oland, EdD, MHA, FACHE, is President of Oland Consulting.

Dr. Oland’s interest in healthcare design began early in her career as the CEO of a children’s hospital when the science of physical environment effects on health outcomes was in its infancy.  

She was able to witness firsthand how new and remodeled spaces positively impacted the children and staff served and as well as the bottom line. 

When pursuing her doctorate in leadership from the University of St. Thomas she took a deeper dive into design and volunteered time with the Center for Health Design to create the nation’s first EDAC certification in 2008. Charisse earned a Master in Healthcare Administration degree from the U of MN and has served as CEO in health systems in Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota.  

She is currently the president of Oland Consulting focused on healthcare leadership and is an adjunct professor for the University of Sioux Falls. She remains passionate about the opportunities to improve healthcare quality, safety and the patient experience through better buildings.