The team that created – Corporate Realty Design & Management Institute in 1995, brings VirtualCast to you – a virtual platform that enables you to access events, news, education, and resources when you want.

The need for high quality, professional continuing education for those that deal with every facet of the built environment still exists. In the past, we took live educational programs to the hometown of busy professionals. We published books and articles, delivered podcasts and webinars, and spoke at national conferences. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic halted live events. Yet, the need for knowledge, sharing lessons learned, missteps to avoid, and networking with one’s peers has intensified.

Recently, in partnership with the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP), we presented two webinars on major concerns facing healthcare industry leaders:

  • Engineering "Must-Haves" and "Nice-to-Haves" In Managing the Patient Surge Crisis While Mitigating Cross Infection
  • Managing Your Healthcare Construction Project in Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

More than 2,000 professionals registered for the live webinars and hundreds more have seen the on-demand replay. 

Advances in technology allow the delivery of education to busy professionals when, where and how you want. Subject matter experts and seasoned professionals can share their knowledge and experience without the constraints of schedule, time zones, or distance. .

We are not abandoning living events, simply shifting gears. Live events will eventually return in some form. Until then, we’re striving to provide the education, connections, and information you need in a virtual format that’s interesting and even provocative.