Finally, a concise how-to-guide for non-financial managers seeking funding for their projects.

7 Secrets for Getting Projects Funded Inside Large Organizations is a quick reference tool for facility and planning/design/construction managers who constantly battle for money in a large organization and AEC professionals struggling to persuade a client to adopt their solutions. 

“Too many worthy projects are rejected or postponed,” says the author, Alan Whitson, “In a large organization,  it’s always a competition for money and the winners are the ones equipped to present the most compelling case for funding.”The secrets are compiled from 40 years of in-the-field experience. Working with aerospace, automotive, banking, defense, electronics, healthcare, government, and others industries, Whitson has gotten projects approved that originally had been rejected when presented by others. 

Simple, direct language to explain the seven secrets including:

  • Common traits of projects that win funding
  • How to use financial terms correctly
  • Overcoming built-in bias that may exist against your proposal 
  • An important, often overlooked secret:  “No” is the default response to any requests for money 

The secrets are a mix of behavioral economics, finance, good sales techniques, storytelling, and psychology. Whitson, who is President of Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, speaks at multiple conferences each year. The number one question he’s asked: “How do I get my project funded?”

“The insights and tools Whitson bring will guide you to getting ‘yes’ with a project of any scale and build consensus with your facilities teams and organizational leaders.” A. Ray Pentecost, Director of Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture

As an e-book, it can be read on a personal computer, tablet, smartphone. Unlike many e-books for professionals, you can print it!

It's formatted for fast reading and easy comprehension. Content includes 13 charts and tables, and is designed to check for holes in funding proposals because it’s these problem areas that get your projects denied or delayed.

7 Secrets for Getting Projects Funded Inside Large Organizations is a small investment in a successful career and getting needed projects funded in good times or bad. 

Praise for 7 Secrets for Getting Projects Funded Inside Large Organizations:


Mike Wood, MD, CHC, MSM, ARRT, Vice President, Planning, Design, Construction & Energy, Medxcel

This is a must-read for anyone related to the field of real estate, planning, design, construction, property investment and related management of such for the entire built environment. Although I specialize in the healthcare sector, I’ve done all of this in commercial, technology, transportation and the healthcare industries. This speaks plainly of the absolute language REQUIRED to succeed in analyzing, presenting and being successful for your organization in deploying the Capital we are stewards of. An immense leap forward in making a complex series of decisions and calculations easy to understand and present. Do yourself a professional favor – read and USE this Guide by Alan Whitson. Become a better Steward of the funds entrusted to you. Enjoy!”


David W. Hewett, RPA, FMA, CCIM, CPM, CFM, CRE, BOMA International Fellow Chairman & Chief Elected Officer of BOMA International 2005 - 2006

“A must read for any one spending money on a project. Alan’s approach and examples give the step-by-step approach needed to get approvals. Too many projects are dead on arrival not because they are not needed, but because the sponsor does not know how to ask for the funding. This short book is the prefect guide before every project request is sent for review and approval.”


Kurt Neubek, FAIA Principal / Healthcare Practice Leader, Page

“Read this book! If you are an AEC professional, you owe it to yourself (and your clients) to have a thorough grasp of the concepts covered in this book. Packed with insightful tips in an easy-to-read format, this book has great take-away value in each chapter.”

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